2012 Swimsuit Trends

It’s hard to find a swimsuit that’s unique. One that stands out and is not easily forgotten.  Selecting a swimsuit really comes down to three things; fit, sex appeal, and style.  It may seem like its all been done before, but there are some killer swimsuit options that are guaranteed to leave an impression. Now for a look at what’s hot this summer:

The bandage trend is still in, and it’s fabulous for swimwear! Loved this red one so much I bought it.

Fringe has never looked so good.

The wrap around accents the body in an amazing way…but just make sure you’re trim and slim if you plan on wearing this one.  THIS ONE!!! is definitely not for everyone…though Kim Kardashian seems to wear it very well, curves and all.

Last but not least is my personal favorite swim wear trend of the summer HIGH WAIST!!! I bought at least 3 so far. American Apparel has a wide selection to choose from.

Kiss, kiss!