RHONJ: Teresa accuses Jacqueline of turning into “Hekyll and Jyde”

I just want to start out by saying LO-freaking-L!!! When I first heard Teresa Giudice make the Hekyll and Jyde comment on the preview last week, I almost fell out of bed! I actually had to search Twitter to make sure I wasn’t crazy. You seriously just can’t make this stuff up.

Jacqueline Laurita FINALLY confronted Teresa about her lies, manipulation of the truth, betraying various friendships and plain ol’ just acting like an idiot. It turned into a screaming match. For the most part, Jacqueline was just wasting her breath due to Teresa’s lack of brain activity.  She didn’t even get it. She had no idea what Jacqueline was even talking about for her to even begin to comprehend what conversation was actually being had.  Seriously, it was like they were having two different conversations.  Teresa was more concerned with accusing her sister in-law Melissa Gorga of jealousy, back stabbing and at least 3 unsolved murders, than she was in listening to the issues she has with Jacqueline. I was just about to give up on this so called confrontation going anywhere, and just go jump off the nearest bridge and put myself out of the misery of Teresa’s confusing tongue tied responses and wild accusations when Teresa told the camera, “I don’t know if Jacqueline’s crazy… She’s like Hekyll and Jyde, like one minute she’s one person and then another person!”  I only have one thing to say to Teresa after that “you and you hat, shut up” because that’s just the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Funny though, haha!

-Fab O