Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Horrible Mess!!

Now I know I’m guilty of watching trashy television, but seriously, the new Love and Hip Hop Atlanta takes trashy television to a completely different level. We have people blatantly cheating on their significant other, practically in their presence, self proclaimed ex-pimps, skanky man looking whores, ugh, just kill me now.

The Stevie J character is supposedly in a relationship with the mother of his child, but however, he’s running around with his skank artist Joseline who is well aware of his relationship.  I can’t deal.

She looks like a man. She is disgusting, and Stevie is pretty much having a public affair with her. Meanwhile his “baby mama” and his daughter are left at home while he plays in the street with his man girl.

Former hot rapper Lil’ Scrappy is also on the show with his girlfriend who he previously cheated on with rapper Diamond, who then cheated on him with Soldier Boy.  Good God in Heaven, it has to suck to have your woman cheat on you with Soldier Boy of all characters. And did Scrappy spend all his money??? What the heck was up with his place of residence…little scary looking…just saying. And why does his mother always say “and in that order.”   She’ll say one thing. One. And follow it up with “and in that order”. What order? There’s only one thing on the list. Anywho, that was just odd to me.

Does anyone know who K. Michelle is?? I’ve never seen her before, but according to her she has a music career? Ok. Maybe I missed it at some point.  There are more low life characters on the show *yawns* not even worth mentioning.