Fashion & Style: Rihanna

As controversial a figure as Rihanna is ,and with all the crazy happenings in her life, there’s one thing that’s hard to take away from her. Her style.  Not all of it is conventional, not all of it makes sense to the naked eye, but it’s daring, it’s bold and it’s very unique. I absolutely love it!  It’s quirky, sometimes rocker, sometimes chic, sometimes old Hollywood. You never know what to expect form her. It’s very unpredictable, and that’s what makes it great. It would be easy for her to be the typical A list celeb with a gorgeous face and  flawless body in perfectly styled easily acceptable attire, but she opts for bi-poplar in your face fashion. Let’s have a look see.

Futuristic Rihanna

This is my favorite Rihanna collection.  The white is stunning!

I would give a limb for this outfit!

Love the black with the pearls!

LOVE this jacket.  I would wear this right now, today, forever, in my coffin, in heaven, anywhere!!! P.S I’m a jacket/blazer freak

The Yellow Jacket??? Yeah, dont know. The last 2 though? Amazing!

I would do all three of these looks.