John Edwards’ Former Mistress Rielle Hunter Bashes His Dead Wife Elizabeth Edwards

Rielle Hunter’s book  “What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter and Me,” has an official release date of June 26, but thanks to some leaked excerpts we’re all getting a full glimpse of just how cold and distasteful she really is.

In the book she calls Elizabeth Edwards a “witch on wheels,” she calls  her “crazy” and lets not forget “venomous.”  She accuses Elizabeth of stalking her after finding out about the affair, and slams her for being in denial about her husbands’ womanizing habits.

The thing that drives me crazy about all of this is that there was no need to make any comment about Elizabeth.  The woman is dead, her children are still grieving and they have to watch Rielle frolic around with their father in the tabloids, news and all sorts of media. Yet she felt the need to spit on the memory of their mother.

The question about all this is not whether or not any of the things said in the book are true, they very well may be.  As a matter of fact, let’s pretend they are. But what does it accomplish to tarnish the dead mother of the children whose father you had an affair with, thus disintegrating the family unit of those children? There is nothing good to come from it.  It is unnecessary, it is wicked, and it is cowardly to pick a fight with the dead mother of grieving children.