My Love For Nuns Explored Through ‘Our America With Lisa Ling: Brides of Christ’

I’ve long been facinated with nuns.  I follow them and take pictures of them when I see them in public.  I actually looked into joining a convent once…no really I did.  I didn’t meet some of the requirements and wont for another 9 years or so.

I’ve been dying to get a closer look at the life of nuns and finally Our America With Lisa Ling gave me just that.  The life of a nun requires marriage to Christ and making Him the one and only true love. It requires being a devoted wife to the eternal husband.

Its about the love for God.  What greater love is there than to return one’s self to God. With all the things of the world that women love, fun, freedom to do as we please, worldly pleasures, sexuality and the love and touch of a man, it’s a hard choice to make to leave all that behind for the love of Christ especially in the world we live in today.  Its a life full of devotion to Christ, it’s amazing.

The nuns spend quite a bit of time in silence. For as one nun put it, “the Lord speaks in silence, and in silence is he heard.” Most of their time is spent in prayer before God.

Saying yes to Christ can be one of the toughest things in life. To leave your family, your love for life in a modern world, forsaking all others is truly courageous. I hope I can one day be even half as brave as these women, these brides of Christ.