RHONJ: Jacqueline Laurita gives the real story on the end of her friendship with Teresa Giudice

Jacqueline gives the LONG story on the end of her friendship with Teresa Giudice via her Bravo blog.

Jacqueline says:

As far as the fight on the deck, please take note that before Caroline showed up, Teresa and I were going back and forth for 5 long hours! I was exhausted at that point.”

“I had NO IDEA that Caroline was going to show up. It was not meant to be an ambush at all, although I do understand how it must have felt to Teresa. I felt like I needed to get her to open her eyes to the reality of certain situations she was creating, and I wanted her to be real with me for once and for all to my face.”

“There were a lot of things said on the deck that day that you didn’t see. What’s important and all that matters is that Teresa and I know what was said and all you need to know was that it was the turning point in our relationship.”

Bankruptcy – “Did it appear to anyone as if Teresa was really afraid of being poor? There seemed to be no shortage of money to me. I knew Teresa worked hard, but I also knew the bankruptcy had not been approved and there were some crazy stories in the press going around about her that worried me. I was trying my best not to judge some of their lifestyle choices during that time, although I do admit, at times it was very hard not to.”

Teresa and I had talked a few times about how she got paid for these articles, with the exception of PEOPLE magazine and that she had two more covers coming out in In Touch after her vow renewal cover. She did share with me some of the stories she wanted to put out there about herself, but when new stories came out in the tabloids, I didn’t know anymore what was true or what was not true. I didn’t want to pry into her business by asking her about them, but at the same time, I wanted to know because she was my friend.”

Danielle Issue:

“From what I was hearing from some of our mutual friends, I was starting to question whether or not our friendship was even real or if she just needed me as an ally on the show. I heard she wasn’t pleased with me because I wasn’t joining her army in her fight against her family. Who in their right mind would help her fight her family, especially when we all had to work together?”

“She was off our show and out of all of our lives. I could not be upset, however, if Teresa changed her mind and wanted to be friendly with Danielle again, but I wanted her to notice that she doesn’t play by her own rules. I would never fault her for being anyone’s friend that I am not friendly with, because my battles are my own to fight. I actually prefer it that way.”

“The truth is that Teresa didn’t shun Danielle for me or my family like she tried to make it seem, but she shunned her for things that Danielle did and said about her personally. Teresa considered it disloyal for me, but yet it’s OK for her to want to be friendly with Danielle when it benefited her.”

“It was OK for Bravo Teresa to invite Danielle to our dinner on the Season 1 finale knowing her other friends hated her. It was also OK for Teresa to choose to say hello to Danielle at the Posche fashion a couple of years ago when she knew she was doing horrible things to me and my daughter. (I never got upset with her over that.)”

Teresa also considers it OK for her to publicly thank Danielle on Twitter for coming forward to expose Melissa [Gorga] for talking to her two years ago back when they were fighting. Teresa considered me ‘disloyal’ in her rule book when I was friendly with Danielle or when I wasn’t agreeing with her on matters concerning how she was dealing with her family, but when it benefited Teresa, she could reach out to her. Define your definition of ‘loyalty’ Teresa and stick to it! That was the point I was trying to make on that topic.”  

“It appeared to me that as much as Teresa claimed that Danielle was her worst enemy and Melissa had conspired with her, it was more important for Teresa to expose Melissa by challenging Danielle, even though it could hurt everyone else in the process by bringing her back into our lives.”

“It wasn’t like Melissa talked to Danielle recently trying to hurt Teresa. It was two years ago when they weren’t getting along, and I knew that Teresa was guilty of doing the SAME thing.”

On Teresa keeping the family feud alive and refusing to forgive:

When you look at Season 4, you can see how supportive Melissa has been in trying to keep the peace between her and Teresa and between Teresa and her brother despite Teresa’s insults to her. As far as I could see, Teresa was the one doing and saying things to and about her family and coincidentally things kept being slipped into the tabloids about her family as well.”

“In other words, Teresa would do little things to try to sabotage her family and friends like putting things about them in articles, sabotaging potential business opportunities, etc. all while claiming that she wanted to be one big happy family again.”