Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Stevie J. and Joseline Speak Out

Oh geez Stevie J. and his man chick Joseline had quite a bit to say about their actions on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta…here we go with the foolishness.

“It’s only the 1st episode ladies geez! I’m the good guy,” Stevie J wrote on Twitter. “I lie because i dont wanna hurt her. Most guys feel the same way.”

“I’ll take all of the cussing, fussing, arguing for my love!”

While Stevie J is apologetic, Joseline is on the defensive regarding her past (as a stripper) and her love life. According to Hernandez, a woman’s gotta get paid.

“Yes I (used) to Dance so f**king what b***hes. All y’all ni***s payed me and y’all daddy’s n brothers,” Joseline said of viewers criticizing her background.

“Please guys is all about that check understand life or u will be broke 4 ever,” she said, adding of her co-star, “Lol Stevie J is every1’s man so please!! Not just mines … I’m not gready I share!!! who wants him?! he will put u on 2!!”