Tamera Mowry-Housley Pregnant!

The other half of Sister Sister, Tamara Mowry blogged about her amazing news! This will be her and her husband’s first child.

I have to say, I am beyond excited to share my amazing news with you guys. Yep, my husband Adam Housley and I are having a baby boy this fall!! But most importantly, I’m excited to hear feedback from other moms or soon-to-be moms out there.

You may know me from a little show called Sister, Sister that I starred on with my twin Tia, who is now a wonderful mommy to a beautiful child, my nephew Cree Taylor.

You also might catch my husband on TV, where he’s a correspondent for FOX News. If you see a handsome, brawny man covering fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and wars, that’s my guy.

Many people are terrified when they find out I married a man who works in dangerous places. I simply respond with a smile and reply, “He loves his job and I think he’s sexy when doing it.” Hence, I am now knocked up. LOL!

Adam and I have been together for seven years and married for one. Man, that time went by quick! And from what other people say, it’s only going to go quicker once our little bundle of joy arrives.

My husband and I hadn’t made a conscious decision to start trying to have a baby. However, after an amazing, life-changing trip to Africa, we decided we would leave our chances up to God. Two months later, we became pregnant.

WHOA, that was fast! I had heard stories that becoming pregnant can sometimes take awhile, so I was definitely caught off-guard. But what a beautiful surprise.

In hindsight I can remember feeling REALLY tired and crampy, but looking back, at that point I hadn’t realized I had missed my cycle by two days. Finally becoming curious, I took a pregnancy test.

Lo and behold, it turned out positive! It was early in the morning, my husband Adam was off to work, and the world had stopped. I was pregnant!!!! My mouth dropped open from shock, but that quickly turned into the biggest smile.

It took a while before the fact that I was pregnant settled in. Once it did, I kept reciting to myself, “I’m going to be a mom. I’m going to be a mom.” I will never forget the feeling that swept over me. I found myself pacing my room with excitement and experiencing a sense of joy I have never felt before.

Once I got myself together, I immediately thought about how I would I tell my husband. I always wanted to do it in a creative way. I decided to text Adam a photo of four positive pregnancy tests — yes, you read right, FOUR positive pregnancy tests — and added, “HAPPY EARLY FATHER’S DAY!”

Thirty minutes later, I still hadn’t heard back from him. I began to worry — was he in shock? I couldn’t wait any longer, so I called him and asked if he had seen his texts. He replied, “No” and I happily told him to look. His response? “COOOL!!!”

Once I called my husband, an interesting thing happened. The excitement died down and quickly turned into worry. “Is this normal?” I thought. “Is this what being a parent feels like?” Now that I knew I was pregnant, I became overwhelmed with so many emotions. I never knew how excited and overwhelmed you can feel at the same time.

There are so many things to do and facts to find out. But not only that, so much information thrown at you all at once! How do I sift through it? I immediately downloaded iPhone apps and called my doctor and my mom. Now that I’m pregnant, where do I begin?