Why Alexis Bellino is The Worst Housewife on Real Housewives Of Orange County

First and most recent thing.  During tonight’s reunion, Alexis gets into an argument with Gretchen over the big blow up during the girls trip in Costa Rica. Her claim is that Gretchen as her friend should have had her back and shut down the attacks made on her (Alexis) personal character….because we all know how as an adult woman she needs someone else to take the initiative to protect her from the big bad Orange County witches.

Well, as that conversation about the lack of protection from Gretchen got underway, and Alexis saw that she was not winning the argument, Alexis did the one thing that separates an argument with a friend from realizing that you’ve been in bed with the devil in a friend costume. The one thing that separates a friendship break-up from freeing yourself from a fire breathing dragon who’s trying to eat you. She sat in front of the cameras on national televison and starting divulging all the secrets she holds about Gretchen that were formally not known to the world.

This is the problem with Alexis, and this is what separates her from a real human being, and THIS is what stamps and certifies the fact that she’s a sucky friend, and a nasty human being.  

When she did this, Gretchen who i’m sure knows endless secrets about Alexis did not repeat not one. She didn’t shoot back, instead she focused on herself rather than deflecting and spilling the beans on Alexis in anger.

When you have to prove that other people are what others say you are in efforts to prove that you are not those things…that’s when you truly know you need to reevaluate your character. Like Heather said, “when everyone is telling you you’re dead, you need to lie down.” Lie down Alexis, you’re a horrible person and we’re all just about sick of you and your bird brain.