Big Brother 14: Them Hantz Boys Ain’t No Joke

Big Brother 14 kicked off last night and boy did Willie Hantz do right by his last name.  I see clear signs of his big brother (no pun intended) Russell Hantz’ blood running all through his veins.  Those two definitely share the same DNA!  Willie already entered the house lying and scheming…maybe not necessarily out of choice, but more out of necessity.  He came out as a star player in the first HOH game, and was nominated HOH by his coach Brittney. 

Willie Hantz With Russell Hantz

While Russell is definitely one of the best if not THE best character to EVER hit reality television, he’s also a very polarizing figure. He’s known to be a cut-throat player, and incredibly brilliant.  Though Russell hasn’t won any of his own games on Survivor, he’s been right in the past saying that the winners were not necessarily the best players, and that he is the best player of all time.  I fully agree with that notion that he’s been the better player, though unable to win due to human error on the part of the voting contestants who were still scorned from being out-played, and damn sure out-witted. Out-lasted??? Ehhhh…that one’s debatable due to Russell’s second appearance on Survivor, but he showed true heart and strength even though a target was on his back before he even hit the island.
Last night Willie proved that he’s a true Hantz. It’s still unclear whether his decision to lie about his relation to Russell will hinder or help him in the Big Brother house, especially since everyone was on to him almost immediately.  The resemblance between himself and Russell are just too strong to deny. Not to mention most of the other house-guests are true lovers of reality TV games who are familiar with Russell’s background and where he’s from.
Willie seems focused.  He knows that he’s there as a solo player.  He’s worried about his game only and he came ready to play. Now he just has to get over the hurdle of everyone knowing he’s of some relation to Russell. As long as he handles confrontations on being baby Hantz well, and continues being a strong player and remembering why he’s there, I see him in the final 3 and possibly even taking this whole thing and walking away as the winner of Big Brother 14.