Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Brittney And Janelle’s House of Cards Come Tumbling Down first off, there’s friction between Willie and Britney.  Britney suspected that it’s possible that BB will allow the coaches to enter the game at some point and had that discussion with Willie.  Willie then ended up having that conversation with other house-guests, and sharing concerns of the coaches entering the game.  Britney is absolutely unhappy with Willie for sharing any of this with anyone else and confronts him. Ok, let’s dive in.

Willie: “I didn’t say sh*t!”
Britney: “You need to chill.”
Willie: “You’re pissing me off.”

 Willie the leaves.

This is the convo that Willie had with the other house-guests.  He actually called a house meeting minus the coaches.

Willie: ‘Y’all see the key slots by their names on the memory wall? This has been bothering me for days now.”
Frank: “They’re spectators! Until they play the game, they’re just spectators.”
Willie: “Don’t allow y’alls coach to play your game. We all wanted to be here to play the game. They’re playing it FOR YOU!!”

Willie tell the house-guests to not “fall for it” if the coaches question them about the meeting. He reminds them how the vets controlled the game last year.

The house-guests seem to be fine with the conversation.

Willie: “We have to separate ourselves from them and play our own game! Build your OWN alliance!”
Frank: “And if you tell your coach everything in the game, then if they come in this game, they’re gonna know everything about you!”
Willie: “Exactly!”

Britney later had a conversation with Dan about the whole coaches returning angle.

Britney: “So you don’t think it’s happening?”
Boogie: “The contract was all about coach, coach, coach.”Britney: “But the last line of the contract said that they can change anything they want at any time.”

Boogie doesn’t think any of it will go down and that they should just play the game as is at hand currently and not worry about it. Britney is freaking out over it.

Britney now sees her alliance with Janelle crumbling and talks to her about it.

Janelle says Kara is getting the boot. Britney thinks she’s playing the game alone. Jani said she has her. Brit said she “has a feeling” that things are going wrong and she’s kind of right.

Britney: “I’m NOT being paranoid, Janelle! Come on..”

Britney also thinks Janelle is now working with Dan because she saw them having secret convos. Janelle thinks Willie is stirring up the house a tad too much.

Britney: “I’m so pissed off right now Janelle, I can’t even see straight!”

Janelle: “If we go into the game, I still wanna work with you. That’s for sure.

Janelle’s not gonna sleep in bed with Brit in the coaches suite anymore.

Willie said the Diary Room told him “something special” was about to happen.
End Result: Dan is gonna try to getJojo’s vote. If he can, then he’ll bring Jani & her team into it. If not, they’ll wait until week 3 to flip. Jani is scared that Jojo will lie and say yes to voting Frank out, but then won’t, and that would out Jani’s team flipping.