Big Brother 14: Spoiler Willie Hantz Out of The BB House

Well it’s over…Willie Hantz has fallen victim to the Hantz curse. Willie either self evicted or got himself evicted by breaking BB rules.  My hopes of Willie saving the family name is over. See below thanks to Big Brother Network.

This is not a joke. Willie Hantz is gone from Big Brother 14.

Earlier today Willie Hantz exploded in the house, Flashback to 3:35PM BBT to watch the meltdown begin. After the second Coaches Competition completed and the Live Feedsreturned we learned Janelle had won the power and would not be trading. This was Willie’s big hope for salvation, for whatever reason. Pouring salt on the wound, Janelle made Britney’s entire team Have-Nots. Willie was furious.

Willie Hantz marched up to the Big Brother 14 HoH room and declared he was about to get himself evicted before the Thursday eviction. Everything fell apart from there. Other HGs started calling for the in-house on-call doctor and the Live Feeds broke away to Trivia. Four hours later the Live Feeds returned and the house was down one Willie.

We’re still collecting details on the exact details on Willie Hantz Big Brother 14 eviction, but we’ll continue to update as we go.

Willie’s former teammates Shane, JoJo, and mentor Britney were collected in the Have-Not room. They all were angry with Willie and all confirmed through comments that Willie is gone “forever.”

Evel Dick tweeted this not too long ago…may be true.

Willie got the boot… Threw pork rinds at Janelle and called her a bitch and cunt. Head butted Joe four times…

Even more tweets from different sources with feeds.

Willie threw pork rinds at Janelle and headbutted Joe four times! People had to rush in and get him out. #BB14

Apparently Willie headbutted Joe 4 times and got physically removed from the game…that’s what Janelle just said #bb14 #cbsbigbrother