Big Brother 14: Pandora’s Box is Back!

Pandora’s Box is CONFIRMED in the Big Brother house! Feeds were down so there’s no footage, just relying on house guest conversations.

Frank/Dan/Dani – arcade room
Frank is describing Pandora’s Box.  Sounds like he got to pick things and got a some money.
Dani tells how production was chicking something (balls?) while they were looking for “things” (balls?) that jingled and had quarters in them.  It took 2 quarters to make the machine work.

Frank got money, the HG’s got to play a challenge to get quarters for ball machine for a reward.
Ian got the reward.  There are now 2 HG’s that Frank can’t niminate.  So Frank got something good and something bad (in a way)

Now Frank is telling Shane/Brit/Jenn about Pandora’s Box:
Frank got to pick 3 boxes that had folded paper inside with a dollar amount.
He picked $3, 333.33, $7.11, & $1.05
It sounds like this was Pandora’s box.
Dani is wondering what the “something bad” is, and that this was “something good” for Frank.
Dan said there isn’t something more, it’s over.
Ian has some kind of decision.
Dan keeps saying he’s glad he didn’t rat out Ian like he wanted to.
Dan is embarrassed about the way he acted in this event, he never acted that way in this house.
He keeps saying how bad he feels aboutn the way he acted.

It seems there will be TWO people that Frank can’t nominated.
Danielle is crying, still.  Sounds like someone outed Dani as a nurse, and Ian cussed at her.  
Dan said they went from having no hope of the 4 of them winning to a slim chance of hope.
Apparently, during the “event”, Dan said to Ian, “I’ll rat your ass out.”  Dan is now wondering if Jenn or Joe heard that and if they knew what that meant.  Ian seemed rattled right after this event.  

4pm BBT (maybe a little earlier) Frank/Jenn in HOH (briefly) – no major points.

(4:06pm BBT)  Frank/Dan – HoH room
Dan tells Frank that Boogie pulled him (Dan) into the storage room and said that Frank is a warrior and loyal.  Dan understands that Frank may have to take his shot (at getting Dan out) but if Frank misses, Dan doesn’t want him to automatically think he (Dan) will come after Frank if somehow Dan gets saved.

4:27(or 28) BBT – Frank/Brit
Frank asks Brit if she wants to be the one that gets up early in the morning and have coffee and talk game with him.  She says ok.
They start to talk about the various scenerios of who to put on the block.
(if Brit is still a true Quack-Packer, she can influence things to go their way.)

Ian’s golden ball is a veto he can choose to use, or not use.

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