Missed Connection: Forever 21 Coat of Arms

Everyone that knows me knows that I have a obsessive compulsive yet distinct obsession with outerwear.  I love blazers, coats, jackets….not capes, ummm and not ponchos which to me are just an uglier version of a cape, moto, tuxedo, exaggerated collars, ugh, I just love well made outerwear. As previously stated, not all. There has to be a unique quality. A distinction among the vast field of endless choices. The garment has to stand out in the modern era, and speak fashion and style with it’s presence, standing out with unique details.

I found such a garment yesterday, but to my dismay, it was sold out.  It is a travesty that I can’t get this wonderfully crafted masterpiece in my closet. But alas, until I find my precious, I have these pictures to remind me of the beauty that so eludes me.