(UPDATE) Missed Connection: Forever 21 Coat of Arms

Our beloved Coat of Arms has not quite returned to Forever21.com but however, there is currently a coat with the same design, same cut, and even the same color currently being sold, and is NOT sold out. Introducing the Cutaway Flared Jacket. Just like the name isn’t quite as exciting as the “Coat of Arms”, the coat itself lacks the it factor that we saw in it’s sister coat. That moment of gotta have it, upon first sight.  And to make things worse, it costs $10 more #wompwomp

Here is the current version being sold.

The coat is described as a flared jacket featuring a cutaway hemline. Five crest button closure with a hidden button. Classic collar. Long sleeves with three decorative crest buttons. Lightly padded shoulders. Curve stitched front and back. Seam stitch details. Woven. Lined. Heavyweight.

And THIS is the coat we initially fell in love with.


You see the difference immediately. You see this coat, you immediately know you just have to have it. It’s sharp, sleek, stylish, and it looks expensive. Whereas the current version being sold looks sloppy and a little shabby low budget chic. Upon close examination, it does appear to button in exactly the same way, but it’s just too bulky to give the same clean, razor sharp-edgy effect of the Coat of Arms. My suggestion is that if you’re interested, go to the store and try it on. Button it up, check it out from all angles, and then decide if this is a purchase you should make.